Palestra Prof. Alan Andersen

Outubro 24, 2016

Prezados colegas,

É com prazer que lhes convido para a palestra a ser ministrada no PPG-ECVMS pelo Prof. Alan Andersen. O Prof. Andersen é uma referência no manejo de fogo na Austrália e também no uso de formigas como bioindicadores​.​ Peço-lhes a gentileza de encaminhar a possíveis interessados.​

Sobre a palestra:

Data e hora: segunda-feira, 24/10/16, 14-16h

Local: ICB L2 259

Título: Fire management in Australian tropical savannas: biodiversity, greenhouse gas abatement and Indigenous livelihoods.

Resumo da palestra: Anthropogenic burning has been a dominant feature of the vast savanna landscapes of northern Australia for more than 50,000 years, with currently about 400,000 km2 burned each year. Traditional Aboriginal burning has been severely disrupted following European colonisation, which has seen Aboriginal people move off their traditional estates into regional towns. Fire is now largely unmanaged across large regions, and this has resulted in fire regimes dominated by extensive, high-intensity fires occurring late in the dry season. It is recognised that frequent fire is required in order to maintain savanna biodiversity, but there is widespread concern that prevailing fire regimes are degrading regional biodiversity values.  Savanna burning makes a significant contribution to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and there is growing interest in reducing fire extent and severity in a Greenhouse gas abatement context. In addition to improving biodiversity management, this has the potential to transform regional economies in northern Australia, especially by providing culturally appropriate livelihood opportunities for remote Aboriginal communities where mainstream economies are very limited. I will discuss these issues in the context of the Tiwi Carbon Study, a partnership with the Aboriginal people of the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin that is examining the biophysical, economic and social potential of fire management for Greenhouse gas abatement on the Tiwi Islands. 

Conto com a presença de vocês!!!